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hypnose bordeaux

Article by Duane Rose

Bordeaux was probably named after the river Bourde that lies to the south of this city. The city was of great importance to the Roman economy as the trade of metal, especially lead and tin, flourished in this region. In the coming years, Bordeaux was made the capital of Roman Aquitania or the Gallia Aquitania, which was a Roman province in the southern parts of present day France. In the year 276 AD, Bordeaux was plundered by the Vandals of Eastern Germany. In the coming years the city saw even more turmoils as the Vandals again raided the city in 409 AD, the Visigoths plundered it in 414 AD, and Franks plundered it in 498 AD.In the 6th century AD, the city regained its importance and prestige as it was made an archdiocese under the rule of the Merovingian Dynasty of France. During this period, the city again prospered and thrived as before. Bordeaux came to be known as a major center of commerce in the southern regions of France. Sadly, it was again plundered in 732 AD, this time by Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, the leader of Andalusia Muslims.The commercial activity in the city greatly improved between the 12th and the 15th centuries. The wine production and trade in this region was recognized in Europe as well, eventually boosting the trade. Driving through Bordeaux wine country – a 60 mile extension that begins just outside of the city of Bordeaux – you will find that the Gironde Estuary runs through the heart of the region. Many tourist attractions lie in the city center, with boutique restaurants where you can enjoy a glass of fine Bordeaux wine, and stores filled with everything wine related.As you reach the outskirts of the city, it’s easy to notice the English influences of the region. Wine merchants and wineries bear names such as ‘Palmer’ and ‘Smith-Haut-Laffite,’ a subtle reminder of the region’s history.The Bordeaux Region & It’s AppellationsIn the left bank of Bordeaux wine country, which includes the appellations of Graves, Medoc and Pessac-Leognan, you will find Bordeaux wines made mainly out of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. In the right bank of the region, where Libourne, Saint Emillon and Pomerol are located, you will encounter wine blends that consist primarily of Merlot.If you are looking to buy Bordeaux wines for your wine cellar, you must consider that right bank wines are less tannic than left bank wines. Depending on how you like your wine, you must search for Bordeaux wines labeled with the respective bank appellations named above.Red Bordeaux & Bordeaux SuperieurPopular Bordeaux wines are the Red Bordeaux, Blanc Bordeaux and the Bordeaux Superieur. These wine blends are one of the few that can be produced and sold by wine merchants in the whole Bordeaux region. Because of low tannin contents, slight oak flavors and enhanced fruitiness, Red Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur are wines meant to be drank young. This aspect prevents Red Bordeaux, Bordeaux Superieur and other basic wines from being labeled as ‘Chateaux’, a denomination that can only apply to fine, tannic wines that require ageing.A glass of good Bordeaux wine will surprise your palate with unique complexity and depth of flavor. Since the region’s wine production consists of 88% red wines and 22% whites; once you try a red Bordeaux wine and taste it’s unique faculties, you’ll want to get more just to age it!

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