Best of Lancome Mascara

Best of Lancome Mascara

Article by Rachel Perry

Women nowadays are all about being prim and proper. We want to standout and are seen as independent and powerful. Step by step, we change or improve what we have now for something better.
In order to look the part, we use makeup on a daily basis. Women use makeup to improve what we have and cover up imperfections. Makeup was made to enhance what we have already and beautify what we have inside us that need to come out. This is one of the main reasons why women use makeup. We want to feel good, so in order for that to happen, we should look good by applying makeup to enhance what we have.

There is a lot of makeup out there fro different brand and uses. Some makeups are expensive depending on what brand and exclusivity. But what makeup is a must have? Let’s start with the basic.
* Mascara- beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Eyes are the first thing that other people would look at. If we want more attractive eyes, we should make it big. Mascara is used to lengthen, darken and awaken our eyes.
* Lipstick- lipstick adds colors to our lips and gives color to our face right away. If in a hurry, this should be the first thing that we should apply to give our face a little color.
* Powder/ foundation- this is the base of everything. We should apply this first to our face to even out and slightly hide red spots, dark spots etc.
* Eyeshadow- a little color in the eyes to brighten the look is very helpful. It also makes us look playful. We should use bright colors in our eyes to appear younger during the day and dark ones at night to add drama.

Mascara is one of the makeups that others can’t live without. Why? Because mascara opens our eyes and can give the drama that we want. We all have different eyelashes and Lancôme Mascara has everything that we may need in mascara. Here is some of mascara Lancôme offers:
* Lancôme Definicils- offers High Definition impact to our eyes. One of Lancôme best selling mascara, it provides the best separation and shaping.
* Lancôme Hypnose- offers 6 times the volume we want. This is one of the best mascara if we are all about volume and drama. The brush help intensify the effect from root to tip. Enriched with Vitamin B5 as well.
* Lancôme L’Extreme- mascara that offers instant extensions and lengthens our lashes. It extends our lashes up to 60%. With fibrestretch that can even extend the shortest lashes that we have. Say goodbye to fake eyelash extensions that cost an arm and leg, this is the answer for eyelash lengthening.
* Lancôme Oscillation- this is one the first mascara that vibrates to separate lashes from one another. It is water resistant as well. The wand vibrates so that it can coat each lashes perfectly.

Lancôme mascara offers the best there is and caters to the need of every woman. They give different effects that we are looking for in mascara. Visits Lancôme’s beauty counter now to see what they have to offer.

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Lancome Macara caters to a woman’s need when looking for the best mascara that money can buy. With a competitive price but the best quality there is, Lancome is simply the best. Benefit Concealers conceals anything that we would want to conceal with an affordable price.

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